Friday, April 10, 2009

Achieving your goals: Weight loss

I am ashame to tell you that I haven't lost one pound yet. I started this year with clear goals in my mind and is not like I don't know how to lose weight. Is just that I got a bit carried away with other projects that I was not able to concentrate in achieving my weight loss goal.

But if there is any good news amid my complete failure to lose weight, is that I have worked very hard in my other projects and I am starting to see some good results. My friends making money online is no joke.
Well back to my weight loss goal. this is it, this is the final stretch. If I start now I could see some good results by Summer (the end of june). I got a new kick ass workout and I've been working out with a friend of mine that is giving me some fitness tips, usually when I go back to the gym I start working out like crazy and then in one week I already want to give up. that's why the idea here is to start slow and I will definately reach my goal.
I am currently weighting about 213lbs (gulp!) and yes I need to lose about 45lbs, but I think a reasonable number by the end of June/09 is about 20lbs. I just bought a medicine ball and I started to exercise at work. The only thing that I really need now is an Mp3 Player and then I will be all set. without music I am not able to concentrate at the gym.

Well folks, that's all for today I will keep you informed about my weight loss, as matter fact I will probably be starting a blog just dedicate to that. will see.